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Belonging Blankets: A Symbol of Community and Comfort for Children

Woman and Man standing behind Belonging Blankets and School supplies

In 2023, the Bautista Project Inc. joined forces with Forever Warriors for their annual Belonging Blanket Project. This partnership carried a sense of belonging to children living outside their natural homes and military children with deployed parents.

The heart of the Belonging Blanket Project lies in the blankets and pillows lovingly crafted from authentic military uniforms sewn by community volunteers in Tampa, FL. For children living apart from their parents, these pieces are more than mere comfort items―they are tangible reminders of their own strength, offering a sense of belonging they can touch and feel. The military uniforms, brimming with tales of courage, serve as silent whispers of solidarity, letting these children know they aren't fighting their battles alone. 

The unique transformation gives each blanket a mighty symbolism, reflecting the courage, resilience, and fortitude inherent in military service. 

The intention is clear: to inspire and motivate young adolescents to dream big and aspire to greatness, reminding them of the courage within themselves. 

Just as these brave servicemen and women faced challenges and remained strong, so too can these children overcome their own struggles. 

The collaboration of the Bautista Project and Forever Warriors radiates strength and patriotism. Both organizations are nonprofits, serving military members, veterans, and their families. The spectrum of Forever Warriors’ activities is vast, encompassing everything from outreach programs and military family care packages to innovative initiatives like the Belonging Blanket Project. The essence of Forever Warriors lies in honoring our heroes, fostering connection, and illuminating the enduring spirit of service and sacrifice. Their contribution to the Belonging Blanket Project embodies their ethos of compassionate empathy, unyielding integrity, unwavering unity, and shared humility and respect.  

How You Can Help 

infographics on ways to support the Belonging Blanket Project

Playing a part in this project can be as simple as donating military uniforms you no longer need. Skills are needed and welcomed by those local to Tampa with a talent for sewing or crafting! Additionally, spreading the word about the Belonging Blanket Project in your networks can be a powerful way to help. The more people who know about this initiative, the larger the circle of support and belonging we can create. Monetary contributions are also welcome and greatly appreciated. These funds go directly towards covering costs associated with the materials and distribution of the blankets and pillows. Every act of kindness, big or small, helps to ensure the Belonging Blanket Project continues to touch the lives of children in need, offering them a sense of comfort and belonging that they so deserve.

The impact of the Belonging Blanket Project reaches far beyond the physical blankets and pillows. It fosters a story of solidarity, tenacity, and compassion, emphasizing the role of community in providing comfort and hope for children in need. As the collaboration between The Bautista Project Inc. and Forever Warriors persists, the future is ripe with possibilities for widening this circle of belonging, reaching more young hearts. The ripple effect of this project, powered by love and support, promises to resonate far into the future, leaving an enduring legacy of warmth, unity, and a sense of belonging. As these blankets warm children in need, they also envelop them in a powerful message – that they belong, matter, and have the potential to achieve greatness.

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