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The Focus of Our Efforts


Providing a Sense of Belonging

The Belonging Box is a product based program. It is a TBP Inc. box filled with basic hygiene items. Each box is suited for one adult individual. This is one of our key areas of focus here at The Bautista Project Inc., and a source of much success for our Non-Profit Organization. Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with this program.

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(Academic Program)
Building Everlasting Love for Oneself and Not Giving Up

You Belong is an academic program created to help homeless individuals learn new skills, become employment-ready, and to assist homeless community members in getting the mental health and emotional support they need to thrive. 

Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. We evaluate our success in this field by gathering qualitative and quantitative data and using that information to measure shifts and changes from our baseline measurements. 


Our most basic living essential,

Snack Paxx is a weekend sack lunch program. Having a meal is essential to life itself. Snack Paxx is distributed twice per month to homeless unsheltered individuals.  Each homeless individual receives a nutritious sack lunch.


Serving America's Heroes

VetPoint 100 is a way we can all contribute to America's Veterans. Offering an array of resources, TBP Inc hopes to provide transition services to Veterans experiencing homelessness. Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with this program.

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Making a Difference

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Belonging Blanket is a program that provides blankets and pillows to children living in foster care, group homes, or other living arrangements outside of their natural homes. The blankets are made from authentic military uniforms and come with a pillow made from the same material.

Each blanket was once a military uniform, worn by a military service member. A hero who aspired to do the right thing by their country. We want young adolescents to be inspired and motivated to want to become something great. 


Stronger Together

The Belonging Community Program is a material distribution program. This program identifies homeless community centers, detention centers, or shelter needs and fulfills them. Providing items such as undergarments, shoes, outerwear, books, backpacks, school supplies, transportation vouchers, and more. Organizations serving homeless community members can focus their financial efforts toward the programs with inadequate funding.


Transitional (Shelter) Housing

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The Bautista Project Inc Lives Transitional (shelter) housing provides people private housing (via individual rooms) permanent supportive housing, and emergency shelter (limited bed space). Our housing initiative allows homeless community members time to recover from trauma and restart their lives. The idea behind transitional housing is that it provides previously homeless people with resources that orient them away from homelessness. This includes mandatory training through the You Belong program, case management, counseling, and guidance in obtaining affordable housing.