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We need water...

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

"We need water", was the response when asked if there was anything the homeless people in Tampa needed. It is nearly 90 degrees and people are dehydrating, fast.

We are struggling to get water to those most susceptible to the Coronavirus. Many stores are limiting water purchases to two per case. Others are completely sold out.

Food pantries and soup kitchens aren't open. Shelters and outreach organizations are operating with limited resources. Going out to the streets today was heartbreaking. Seeing the children laying on the concrete hungry and feeling left out hurts.

Testing sites are refusing to test individuals, and mobile sites are not in the area. What are we doing wrong as a community? When did healthcare become a game of the have's and have not's. On one hand, people are being told if they need help, ask.

However, when asked, the doors are being slammed shut. These are still OUR people.

The purpose of organizations like The Bautista Project Inc. is to provide for those in need.

Clean drinking water is one of the most basic living essentials.

Without it, we will die.

Don't Trip, Uplift

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